TOMY – sweater with slits and inlay on the back


TOMY is a black turtleneck with surprise from the back It’s knitted from 50/50 merino wool, the 7cm high turtleneck has a center back slit, the long sleeves are finished with a ribbed knit, and it also has side slits. In the back is inserted a part with a plastic pattern, recycled from our previous production, which forms an interesting colorful detail. Each sweater is therefore different, even though it looks exactly the same from the front.

Yarn-Italian merino wool 50/50

All models are already pre-washed, maintenance: gentle wash up to 30 degrees, then hang or spread on a towel.



  • turtleneck
  • turtleneck
  • formal
  • free time
  • woman
  • merino
  • mix
  • wool
  • knit
  • polyester
  • black

  • grey
  • extravagant
  • sport style
  • knitting
  • sewing
  • recyclation
  • zero waste
  • recycling


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