Black II.-wool poncho with knitted hems and turtleneck


An elegant poncho made of 100% wool/wool fabric/with a black and gray delicate pattern, it has a thick knitted black ribbed turtleneck in the diagonally cut center, which you can snuggle into or roll up. The whole poncho is lined with a black 1.5 cm knitted cavity.

100% wool + yarn 100% wool

Colors – gray / black base -100% wool fabric

Knitted hems and turtleneck are always black.

Maintenance – we recommend dry cleaning or hand washing in lukewarm water /max 30°C!/, then spread on a towel.

size 140x100cm


  • poncho
  • free time
  • woman
  • merino
  • mix
  • wool
  • merino
  • grey
  • black
  • anthracite
  • elegant
  • romantic
  • knitting
  • uni size
  • for pregnant women
  • universal


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